First Graders Making Strides

I know the first graders are learning all the building blocks of reading and writing. This packet will help you keep those skills sharp while on spring break!

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2nd and 3rd Graders Solidifying Skills

2nd and 3rd grades are hugely important years for reading development. As parents and educators, we know reading progress during these years is essential. This five-lesson packet will help your child practice their skills while out of school for spring break.


4th and 5th Graders Reading to Learn

4th and 5th graders are tasked with using reading skills to learn material. Sometimes, phonics and phonological awareness are not taught to these students, even if they need it. This packet is full of phonemic awareness activities, spelling rule practice, sentence and paragraph writing, and reading with comprehension questions. You're going to want this.

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Got a Middle Schooler?

Try the 4th/5th grade packet. Only the title page reveals it was made with upper elementary students in mind, and the practice is still appropriate for older students.

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